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Twitter - 2

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Ха похож


mcflyharry: I'm iron mans camp friend. I just woke him up so he could get his breakfast order in otherwise he gets angry.
И спящий Дуги милаха......


Ой они все милахи у нас


Ууууу. Какое все белое!!!


Меня так рассмешило красноречие Дуги вчера (или сегодня, путаюсь с часовыми поясами) по поводу  I ♥ McFly на первом месте в worlwide TT
dougiemcfly No way!!!! I Heart Mcfly is a trending topic!!! 
If it gets to number one i will take my pants off 
Awesome, it made it to number 1!!! My pants are coming off right now
I would tweet a picture but during the excitement i soiled myself
i'm in love with HARRY....FACT

Том очень прав: Think a #mcflyworldtour is needed soon.


FOXик написал(а):

i'm in love with HARRY....FACT



tommcfly   Back in the studio. Legs feel like jelly. I'm moving to the
dark side and converting to Logic from pro tools. Also very angry right now.
21 minutes ago via web


Я просто не могу это не запостить:

Дуги: @tommcfly i might punch you in the back of the head   
16 minutes ago   via web  in reply to tommcfly

Том:@dougiemcfly ...i'd morph into liquid mode and dissolve your arm     
15 minutes ago   via web  in reply to dougiemcfly

Дуги: @tommcfly id morph into a fish and swim around your body, you would find it really weird and irritating
  12 minutes ago   via web  in reply to tommcfly

@tommcfly its soooooo on T-Bone! 9 minutes ago via web in reply to tommcfly

@tommcfly your head looks like a steak

Том: @dougiemcfly I'd swallow Marvin who would swim-chase you out of my body, at which point we'd combine to form a giant Catbot. 3 minutes ago via web in reply to dougiemcfly

Дуги @tommcfly once he has swallowed me i would turn back into my human form and wear him as a hat

Ну как их за это не любить?


gfalcone601   @dougiemcfly some of us like to educate ourselves
young doug! You should try it! You should think about where you put your nose! Xx
2 minutes ago via Tweetie in reply to dougiemcfly

dougiemcfly @gfalcone601 stop putting your nose in books, its
just weird

мне еще это понравилось)))

Они все такие милые


dougiemcfly @tommcfly did i mention i have the whole Empire on
my side?


tommcfly So far on this trip Danny has lost his phone and his underwear. So if you see an iphone wearing Calvin Kleins then you know why.
about 7 hours ago via web

tommcfly Danny's breakdancing... in dancing and breaking stuff...
  about 1 hour ago   via web


@tommcfly:Back in the studio in Atlanta. Wow it's HOT!!!! Miss Orlando already but ready to get these songs done.


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tommcfly   i love dougie so much. he has a great bum
tommcfly   ...Dougie wrote that...he has an awful bum...


@tommcfly In bed. Been a long day. 2 more songs to do vocals on...nearly there! Who's looking forward to hearing the new songs?
хмм.. даже и не знаю. ну не какашка, а?


Манкунианка написал(а):

@tommcfly In bed. Been a long day. 2 more songs to do vocals on...nearly there! Who's looking forward to hearing the new songs?

Издеваются над нами

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Я его за этот твит скотиной вслух обозвала на работе сотрудники долго смеялись, потому что я вся такая правильная, такого не говорю никогда

Нет, ну серьезно, не гад?? Кто хочет услышать новые песенки???? Они и правда не осознают, насколько мы изнываем от нетерпения услышать, если спрашивают такое, даже в шутку...


У меня даже слов нет, я просто молча возмущаюсь


tommcfly   in real life dougie is only 5ft 1 inches
about 5 hours ago via web

tommcfly oh so sexy
about 5 hours ago via web

tommcfly harry is sexy


Дуги опять признается в любви под чужим именем. Айай

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